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Originally Posted by epiphone3 View Post
exactly. Why did they underrate the M5? The answer to this is that BMW personell have stated that they think getting into a number's race with other manufacturer's is silly and they would rather draw attention to the fact that the total package in BMW is better than the others. They could easily have called the 335i 307 hp just to trump the 306 of the IS350 seeing as the 335i is actually making on the order of 330 - 340 hp!
Everyone talks about underrating the M5 and M6 as if it is a well-known fact. Maybe I'm uninformed on this. Can anyone point me to info showing that the M5/M6 are underrated by BMW?

Edit: I did some searching on M5Board, and to me it looks like at least for the US version, dyno results fall pretty much as expected for a 507 hp car with SMG based on 15-17% drivetrain loss:

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