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Awesome Service

I just received my new Challenge trunk and got so excited when I saw the huge box, I started to unwrap it. I don't want to take all of the protection off until I install it, but I wanted to show a couple of pics of the extensive and awesome packaging job IND does... Some other vendors should definitely take notes.

Short of being crushed by the UPS truck, their packaging can within pretty much any abuse the carrier has to offer and still have your piece arrive as beautiful as when they finished, packed, and shipped it from IND.

Will post installed pics in proper thread once completed

Quick pic just after I started to carefully remove the cardboard edge guards as well as cut through the shrink wrap and few layers of bubble wrap:

Here's just a peek of my AW with faded lip, but notice the micro fiber towels used underneath all of the bubble wrap to fully insure it remains perfect.

Haven't inspected the entire trunk yet but I'm 100% confident that it looks as perfect as every other item I've purchased from Nate & Ilia over the last couple of years! Only wished they were local to me, but probably best they're not because I would just take my car to them and piss away my kids college fund on mods. LOL

Thanks again for your AMAZING service!!!