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Originally Posted by ILC32 View Post
I think it is unlikely the M3 will be underrated in terms of hp by BMW.

There is a clear reason why the 335 is underrated -- it is encroaching on M3 territory for presumably much less money. The only reason to underrate the M3 would be out of concern for encroaching on the M5/M6. I do not think even 450 would raise such concerns, particularly if the M5/6 really are significantly underrated, and given the different target customers for these models. Rating the M3 to its true power aids in marketing, because of the importance many people place in hp. If the motor really outputs 420, I do not think BMW will publicise 410 instead. That would be marketing suicide given the levels the competition is reaching. BMW knows this.

The M3 will not be available for sale until late this year at the earliest, assuming September production startup. It will probably be on sale through at least the 2013 model year. IMHO 420 is only aqequate now in this class, unless weight is crazy low for this type of vehicle. How will 420 compare two or three years from now?

In a sector that is probably as if not more competative than the M3s sector, BMW underated the 335i. They called it 300 even though lexus claims 306 for the IS350... I don't think BMW is into have a number higher than others. They will likely underate the M3.