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Originally Posted by skierman64 View Post
Mofatmat, you may have 3 years of ownership but you seem to be confused about how the SMG works. If you are in manual mode it will not downshift to a lower gear when you go full throttle, The only time SMG will downshift (in manual mode) without the driver directing a downshift is when you're going too slow for the gear selected, like approaching a stop light or stop sign and still in to high a gear for that speed.

Put another way: In any gear with an SMG and the RPM above 1500 (maybe less) the SMG will not downshift on its own in manual mode even under full throttle.

Also, I don't expect DSG to be programmed to interface with the driver any differently than SMG, the main difference is it will shift faster.

Chitown - No the SMG does not creep forward like an automatic it acts exactly the same as a manual tranny if you have the clutch depressed. You will only get forward motion by giving it thottle.
This is all correct. SMG in manual mode does not "kick down" to a lower gear when you get on the gas. The only circumstance in which it will downshift automatically in manual mode is if the downshift is necessary to prevent the car from stalling.

When you are stopped with your foot off the gas and no brake, the car will not creep forward with SMG, regardless of whether it is in auto or manual mode. If you are facing uphill, the car will roll backwards in this scenario (unless you use the hillholder function).