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Originally Posted by Alekshop View Post
It was made clear by Autologic team that they don't have a proper coding for FRM2 modules at this time and they never promised to come up with the solution. I hope they will come out with something so all other Autologic shops can offer this option to their customers instead of making them purchase a new $369 FRM3 module.

In response to the statement below, there is NO such thing as an Autologic approved facility. Autologic can sell their products to a business or individual as long as they are willing to pay the price.
Autologic does not provide any special training except for the once a year training class.

Also, I would really appreciate if you keep this conversation free of any assumptions since you have no knowledge in what we do. I can assure people reading this thread that their cars are safe when we do the coding.


All BMW owners have a right to know who is working on their vehicles - whether remotely or on-site.

I'm really surprised you are challenging this - do you remember your PM to me back in May asking how to use your newly acquired autologic and how to perform these types of retrofits?

Originally Posted by Alekshop
Hey Tom,

Thank you for replying on Autologic forums.

We just got this tool a week ago, so I am still getting to know it ...

Any tips on how to do the programing process?

What needs to be done first, second and third ?

Also, are the PnP harnesses that you guys offer made by BMW or it is some aftermarket part ?

If you have any of your customers here in Norcal interested in programing, you can send them my way and I'll do the same in return.

I would really appreciate your help!

And my response:

Originally Posted by tom @ eas

Please understand that I have a lot of time and R&D invested in making this happen. I cannot give a step-by-step list on how to duplicate the kit for a competitor (I'm using the term loosely, no offense) to offer on their own - which will hurt our business.

If you are fully capable of CIP programming, I will send customers your way - but cannot train how to use the autologic. This is not something that is learned overnight - I have over 10+ years experience in integration and BMW control units.

If you have any other questions, let me know.
You have less than 2 months of experience with the autologic system, nor are you the actual one performing remote or any type of coding. You even took a cheap shot at us in your thread here, creating the impression the FRM2 was coded via the autologic - with no mention of how the coding was performed (remotely via NCS):

I'm still waiting for answers to my questions within that thread on what you are specifically coding within the system, an experienced technician would be able to answer these rather easily.

Note: When we do complete FRM2 coding, we will be releasing our notes to autologic, which means you (as well as the rest all other autologic subscribers) will have this coding on your next update as an option.

Please don't take credit for this also.
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