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Talking M3 Performance Simulation on Cartest 2000

You guys should really try out the Cartest 2000 simulation software..... Awesome stuff.

I entered what I think the E92 M3 data will be like and conducted a simulation. I used the S85 V10 engine for the torque and HP curves and I used 420 hp / 310 foot pounds of torque and 3600 pound weight......

See the attached JPG for the data settings. I also adjusted the shift time for the manual to be 0.4 seconds (which is aggressive). I imagine the SMG / DSG will fair alot better.....

Anyone want to suggest where I should change the data? BTW, I tried 315 foot pounds of torque with no difference and I also tried 265 tires with no difference..... :mad:

The results were not too impressive (the trap speed looks very accurate given weight / power):

0-30 mph: 2.17 seconds
0-40 mph: 2.83 seconds
0-50 mph: 3.51 seconds
0-60 mph: 5.09 seconds
0-70 mph: 6.21 seconds
0-80 mph: 7.38 seconds
0-90 mph: 9.39 seconds
0-100 mph 11.34 seconds
Quarter Mile: 13.31 @ 108.77 mph
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