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Originally Posted by saeedg48 View Post
I didn't realize it would take that much effort.
It looks like a lot of effort, but trust me, when you actually do it, it isn't difficult at all.

Originally Posted by blueman2 View Post
Thanks for providing this!! Pictures really help.

One caution, I think. Isn't there an airbag in that pillar that the wire might impact if you just stuff it in? Perhaps better to fully remove the pillar cover and tie the wire to the existing wires, in order to avoid messing up the operation of the airbag.

Thanks again for the great guide!
Of course. Keeping that in mind, I revised the guide by including a pillar pop-off section. I reccomend zip-tying your V1 wires there.

Originally Posted by dvn View Post
I completed this DIY over the weekend but ran into a little problem. My detector stays on all the time as opposed to turning off with the rest of the car. I tried slots 5 and 20 (cig lighter) but got the same results. Slot 7 wouln't work b/c a pice of plastic was blocking the fuse tap from seating properly.

Any ideas?
None, sorry. I do see that you have a 2010 though, while I have a 2008. My guess would be that they (BMW) changed a few things in the fuse box in the newer model years. This is disheartening to me, as I currently have plans to get into a 2012 fairly soon.... Maybe I'll have to resort to the traditional method of sharing the OnStar fuse slot.