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from beta till PoP. Was in the top guild on my server from the very beginning. There are no memories like my original EQ memories. From Upper guk as a young troll, to killing Lockjaw in Oasis. Sitting in EC for hours on end peddling gear, camping for 20 hours for the Guise of the Deciever because I was a fat troll that couldn't fit properly into Solusek. Breaking Hate was definitely one of the most challenging tasks in EQ history. People don't remember we were doing it in TERRIBLE GEAR. Holding short swords of the ykesha, Mith 2handers, and Exe axes. I remember getting the crystalline spear from Vox and thinking how tough I was. The place with the birds and the towers was the biggest time sink of all time, Aka. PoA or Plane of Air. Hopping from level to level.

Exploring Kunark on day 1 was phenomenal and will never be matched by any experience in any other MMO forever. That was truly a feeling of wonder and excitement. The longest stretch of good times though was Velious. Velious was by far the best expansion they made, after that it was all down hill. ToV had me hooked like never before. Those were some very good times that this Troll warrior deeply misses. I had a great time, and managed to salvage a pretty decent high school social life as well.

There will never be another game like EQ again, because there were no real MMO's before it. It was perfect and can never be matched.