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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I agree on this.

To the OP: WHAT IS YOUR SOURCE? There have been and continues to be som many rumors and debate on the car why should be all stop now and believe everything you say. Also, it is not like you have much of a track record we can judge you by (10 posts total).

As far as no sunroof available (thanks for the sympathy Randy - I guess applying paint is a lot easier than adding a sunroof to a CF panel!) I'm not sure I buy this for the US market. Based on sunroof being a std. on many BMWs in the US i n the past.

As far as hp goes I think anywhere in the 420 range will be under-rated. I've said it a million times but the 335i and M5 are both significantly under rated and the new M3 will probably be as well. It is another question entirely if this much hp can keep the M3 competitive over it's entire life span. If the weight is lower than I expect I think the answer is yes, otherwise with the bump in power coming at Audi, MB and P, I think the answer is no. Luckily BMW has probably thought long and hard about this point. Last but not least, 100 hp/l is not exactly "shit hot" anymore. Honda, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Ferarri, and Toyota have done it NA'd. 110 is what I would call "shit hot".
well, if the M3 is rated by BMW at 420 hp, it will likely actually be producing about 450 hp. That means 112.5 hp/liter... SHIT HOT!

as a side note... the list of manufactureres you have above, other than Audi, are basically the absolute best engine constructors in the world... BMW #1 of course. I guess the 100hp/liter club is good company