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Is the E92 M3 the right car for HDPEs?

Hi Guys,

as we are in the middle of the Summer, I can't wait for my next HPDE. In the meantime, I have been wondering about the 'best' way to be able to do more events at probably a better budget than with my E92 M3.
So, I know that this will be a very general question, but I would appreciate any help or advice about what car, set-up, budget estimates you guys would have concerning a track-dedicated car.

What I know for sure is that that I still want to be able to drive to/from the track and not use a trailer, etc... .

Should I get a used E46? Older?? Etc, etc.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

PS: I really feel I am at a cross-road between holding to the car or trading it. The car seems too nice for a daily driver, very expensive for HPDEs, etc... so I look forward to reading your input.
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