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I have been following this fairly closely, as I am still considering "retracking" my E92 on a somewhat regular basis, which means, wheels, R Comps, and brakes. I run at least one event a month, and sometimes two. On my current track car, 3620 lbs with me and half a tank of gas, a 525i, modified E36 M3 270 hp,and set up for the track, I run Hawk Gold HT 10 Race Pads, front and back on a M5 brake system. I have super stopping power, no fade, and out braking most cars in the advance and instructor classes I run in, and in three years, have had absolutely no problems what so ever. I drive the car to/from the track, 140 miles each way, an occasional small amount of local driving, and never change the pads. Yea, they squeak, but so what. I would probably try the HT10s (or simular) on the E92, except for Lucid's experience with them. Thus, jury is still out on what to do with the E92.

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