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Originally Posted by jml View Post
Glad you are safe, smart that you were watching the car very closely and shut it down when things did not feel right. Just because you are not dead does not mean running a street pad with <1000F MOT at a race track is a good idea. There is very little headroom in this pad, it was not engineered to be a track pad. While you are having good luck now, a) I don't see them as better than OEM, in fact they are noisier, and b) you are tempting fate with something completely within your control. You may never experience a fade induced loss of braking power that results in tears, but if you do with these pads, you are going to feel silly.
The Hawk HP+'s are a lot better than the stock pads as they have a lot better feel & are a lot better on the pad deposit issue.
Learning the skills to manage the brakes that you have on the car should be part of Advanced driver training as much as learning proper lines.If you drive like a "Rock Ape"and stand on the brakes every brake cycle on track you will have problems.Suprise!Would I like better braking?Of course I would, but in the meantime I will live with what I have and not have any real problems by managing their use within the brakes systems capabilities.