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Originally Posted by kitw View Post
To back up what jml said... Hawk HP+ got my Supercharged E36 REALLY dirty in turn 2 at Laguna. They feel like awesome pads, until they basically fail. They really are an AutoX compound, they have better initial bite than stock, but they are NOT made to take high temperatures.

The reality is that if you aren't seeing them fade, you aren't going that fast. After I got faster, I tried the HP+ again and I could get them to fade at will. (this is running not fast times, like 2:08s at Thunderhill with street tires and about 330whp/3150 lbs)

In a heavier car, you are really just asking for an off track excursion. I'd rather run on stock pads than HP+, since even if you drastically overheat stock pads, they stay relatively healthy once they've cooled.

If that doesn't convince you... Check out the pic I have of what happens when you overheat an HP+. (the pad material disintegrates and you get dirty.)

The Cool Carbons are the closest I've seen to a true compromise pad and it's going to mean driving slower than real race pads. Nothing you can do about it, there just aren't pads that work at the 1200+ degree range, while being rotor friendly, dust free and squeal free for street use.

I really like the PFC 01, the Pagid RS14 (although they wear very quickly if you overheat them) and the Hawk HT14/HT10 combo, although they tend to be harder on rotors.
I have had the same issues with PFC's where I have put the piston through the backing plate.It usually happens when the pad gets worn and I do not run any track pad under 60% left to avoid this.