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Originally Posted by oldkingdom View Post
I don't know... I can't speak as far as everyone else is concerned... but I strongly prefer your photoshop to the actual car. The rear anyway... I hate, HATE, HATE the little unnecessary indentations in the rear bumper and as an e92 335 owner, I find the rear lighting arrays to be the weakest part of an otherwise beautiful car. I'd very much like to see something like your tail lights make it into production. I suppose I could get a custom decklid, but I'm not going to that extreme.

Anyway... thanks for the effort. I very much hope they simplify it a bit, (which I think they will). I'm not saying less aggressive as people are seeming to assume. There seems to be an overwhelming misconception about design in the community where people like to compare simplicity to aggressivness. I don't think they have to be opposites. I don't see any reason they can't coincide, (as they always have). Of course, functionality first... but it's never been Bimmer's style (Especially under the M marque) to add something for cosmetic aggressiveness just "because."

So... why start now?

Hmm, I see what you mean about the rear lights, I like the front end of the new 3 coupe, but the rear is so weak. I was kinda hopin for something like the pic below. It looks so much more aggressive !
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