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Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
well i have been running hawk HP+ pads for the past 3 months. i have bout 5 track days on them and my track sessions are usually 20 to 30 mins long. i have not experienced any fading except for one of the track days, which was a very hot day and i was driving particularly hard. before i started to feel the pedal get soft, i smelled the pads overheating already so i backed off and pitted out to cool down. since i pitted, i didnt allow the pads to fade but this smell only came about 25 mins into a 30 min lapping session so i really didnt miss out on a lot of track time. the other sessions on that day went smoothly.
Glad you are safe, smart that you were watching the car very closely and shut it down when things did not feel right. Just because you are not dead does not mean running a street pad with <1000F MOT at a race track is a good idea. There is very little headroom in this pad, it was not engineered to be a track pad. While you are having good luck now, a) I don't see them as better than OEM, in fact they are noisier, and b) you are tempting fate with something completely within your control. You may never experience a fade induced loss of braking power that results in tears, but if you do with these pads, you are going to feel silly.