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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Only way they get paid is if BMWNA authorizes the repair. I dislike most dealerships, but this is one area I understand where they're coming from. And remember expensive repairs have a separate approval process.
That's why I don't even bother to take a vehicle for service when I can't duplicate an issue, or when I'm not sure something is a real problem (like clutch noises, etc). Forums like this one are great tools to learn about our cars.

I'd have expected these DCT problems on '08 cars, not '11s. It's got to be a bad batch or something. Good luck OP.
My policy as well JC about intermittent issues; right on the money regarding warranty repair approval process. It may indeed be a bad batch since this sounds more mechanical than the well-known software driven issues (that, plus the newest software has "cured" most DCT issues and not, as far as I've read, created new ones).

Originally Posted by ChrisK View Post
Ok, before we get the torches and walk the streets looking for BMW blood. How many people on here have had this specific problem? A few?

I am sticking with my DCT order. A 6MT forum member just recently had their car stuck in gear and even the dealer couldn't get it out.

This crap happens.
Yes, this crap does happen. These are complex machines, and some % will fail. And in this case, the OP's issue is being recognized and addressed in a respectful and timely matter. Where I have, and will continue to have a bone to pick is where other folks (Greeney for example) have not had their issue recognized or addressed in that manner. I don't expect there will be no issues, that's life, but I do expect reasonable customer service (like the OP is getting here). The OP's dealer and BMW are doing in right in this case and providing good customer service.

However, truly excellent customer service would be to find a new car with a DCT and then use that transmission to replace the failed one (if there are indeed none available in the pipeline and if that means the OP might be w/o a car for months). Or, at the very least cover payments and provide a reasonable loaner (not some beater from Enterprise).