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Originally Posted by RevFreak14 View Post
Never heard of that but if you were able to take a picture of it and show it to them then they should give you a loaner immdiately until they fix the car. Not sure if this is you guys first BMW, but don't just let them get you with the "We can't reproduce the message so there's nothing wrong with the car" crap. And don't let them tell you it must have been you doing something wrong. That is typical dealer nonsense when they simply run into something they haven't seen and can't figure out what's wrong. It's not just BMW, Benz does the same crap. I can speak from experience. Take it all the way to the General Manager if need be and if they don't fix it, get BMW NA on the horn immediately and document the problem with them. Don't take no for an answer especially with a brand new car. But make sure you make a stink and stick up for yourself because if you don't they will drag their feet. The squeaky wheel gets the grease !!!!
While I respect your opinion I disagree completely. Dealerships make money on repairs, even those under warranty. I cannot think of a conceivable reason why any service advisor or technician would make an excuse to try and get out of performing something they're getting paid for.
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