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Originally Posted by linsm3 View Post
So overall not to sweat it, just use the PS2s for now and pressure at 40, is that it. Here is one other question, to those of you who have DCT what gear do you use, I know at M school I pretty much got up to 3rd and that was it and that was at 100 top speed since it was a short track; this may be an incredibly stupid question so I apologize in advance, I know the power is at the high end so any suggestions appreciated.
You can probably get around the whole track in third gear when you are learning the line with the instructor. He may even ask you to not worry and just drive the line - I have had an instructor do this with me in the first few laps. The M3 has so much juice that you can get away with this. I have MT, so the gearing is different, but I am guessing most of the track will be third gear (60-100) with a short stint in 4th/5th with DCT (guessing, with 6MT, with longer gears (only 6) 3rd at the top is ~107 and 4th is ~130) on the longest straight. When you have the line, you will get faster. When you start out, the gears are less of a concern - although changing gears with DCT is easier than 6MT as you don't have to worry about double-clutching etc.

Do you have the Skip Barber book "Going Faster"? ( is a great place to start reading up, and it helped me make sense of what the instructor was trying to get me to do (2nd time out, I wish I had read it before the first time). It is also something to read the night before at 2am if you are too excited to sleep! The Ross Bentley "Speed Secrets books ( is good too. Again, you'll get various opinions...this is mine