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Originally Posted by clpower View Post
What's the difference between this one and the GTX-465?
The GTX 465 is a GTX480/470 (GF100) chip that didn't make their minimum requirements. So they bin the chips that don't meet par (or yeild) until they have enough extra to launch a new product line at a lower cost. The passable yield for the GF100 is something really low, like 10% or less I've heard. Though it has probably and still is improving.

The GTX 460 is a all new chip (GF104) that was made purposefully for the GTX460 board. It isn't as robust as the GF100, but it is improved in many ways and a new GF100 success based on the GF104 chip would be powerful indeed.

I have heard rumor that a new GTX495 or 485 will come out that will be 2 GF104 chips in a X2 setup. (Think 5870 X2 only better, and perhaps cheaper).

Regardless, $200 is a great deal for this GPU. I'll probably get one as soon as I find a game I can't run smoothly on my old 8800GT. I was planning on getting the GTX480 when it came out, but I really don't need it, and would rather not pay the higher power bill. Plus, all that heat output would actually warm up my room a bit more. Which I would also not like.