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Originally Posted by jml View Post
Let me just set the tone with this. You are temping fate running HP+ pads. It is a terrible track pad. The MOT (Maximum operating temp) is less that 1000F (similar to OEM), and the friction curve drops like a rock - giving you very little warning of total loss of braking. Infiniti/Nissan made the same mistake, and easy to find references to C&D crashing a 370z due to this issue.

Why people think the HP+ is good is because it has a relative (to OEM) high friction coef - so it bites well and feels more powerful. The moment you learn how to drive the car at 9/10ths - or more likely make a mistake and need the headroom of your braking system to save you, you will be in trouble. You're better off with OEM, which has a progressive, predictable loss of friction at high temps, or moving to something with a higher MOT, like a true race pad.

Think of brakes like a seatbelt - it's part of the safety equipment. You are playing with your life, and it's easy to remove risk associated with brake failure by manning up and spending the time and $ to run a real race pad.
Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
I have to disagree with totaly on the HP+'s.I have used them for 2&1/2 seasons with over 25 events with no great issues.Yes they do fade but it is a very progressive action that be felt through the brake pedal and smell when the pads are starting to overheat.I have never been suprised by a lack of retardation and I am usually one of the fast guys and I run at tracks where hard braking is required a few times a lap from speeds as high as 225 kph.
I would run a full race pad if it was less of a hassle to change pads when I am changing back to my street tires but I know a full race pad will just destroy my rotors when they are cold on the street.The HP + is far from being a dangerous pad that you state and works very much as its being marketed.
well i have been running hawk HP+ pads for the past 3 months. i have bout 5 track days on them and my track sessions are usually 20 to 30 mins long. i have not experienced any fading except for one of the track days, which was a very hot day and i was driving particularly hard. before i started to feel the pedal get soft, i smelled the pads overheating already so i backed off and pitted out to cool down. since i pitted, i didnt allow the pads to fade but this smell only came about 25 mins into a 30 min lapping session so i really didnt miss out on a lot of track time. the other sessions on that day went smoothly.

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