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Originally Posted by Rochdale Pioneers View Post
Speaking as a British socialist there is much about Reagan's social and economics policies to hate - if only for the influence he had on Thatcher to replicate them here.

But Reagan is, was, and always will be the man who won the cold war, and that alone is enough ti make me like him.

Essentially the Strategic Defence Initiative bankrupted the Soviet Union - they couldn't afford to outspend the US in the race to develop space weapons. The fact that the technology didn't exist makes it even better. Gorbachev realised he couldn't protect himself militarily from such a system and instead worked to disarm the belligerence that had driven the old men that preceeded him. And Reagan was as happy planning for disarming as he was for rearming, showing remarkable flexibility.

Regardless of the damage his economic policies did, he left America and the world safer than he had found it. And the money saved from not having to worry about nuclear holocaust far outweighs the damage anyway. I grew up fascinated by nuclear war as I was genuinely afraid of the bomb. My kids don't have to be afraid, thanks in part to Ronald Reagan.
My old headed dad believes the same thing.

Its almost as if you expect to believe that reagan takes office in 80s, creates this bullshit "stars wars" crap, and the russians go broke 5 years later. The man was just in the right place at the right time. The russians had been pissing in a steel pot for decades. They were going broke long before he ever came around.