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Originally Posted by linsm3 View Post
Great so I have new tires all the way around, is it really important just for one event and can I get by or do you guys really think I need another set and if so what do you recommend. I think this will develop into an expensive hobby but agree I WOULD HATE to totally ruin these after just getting them on. AGAIN I AGREE this is turning into a great thread for me and hopefully for some of you guys out there as well.
You are going to be fine. You won't need new tires for a couple of events and you won't ruin them. They will wear a lot faster though. If you get serious, consider a set of track tires/rims. As a point of reference, I did two track days running in intermediate and 10K miles on the OEM set, with probably ~1-2K left on the rear wheel tread, so you will do approximately 1-2K miles wear during the day. The fronts were less worn. I decided to switch slightly early.

The PS2s do not hold up well on the track compared to other brands when you get more competent and faster (I am comparing with another brand, which I won't quote to avoid a brand war). If you can find an M3 in a more experienced group, they will be able to help you modulating tire pressure and ensuring even wear through the day (hence everyone telling you to get a tire pressure gauge). Don't be afraid to ask for help during the day - everyone who is there has been exactly where you are as a novice, knows how you feel and is willing to help...especially a damsel in distress!

The tires will be grainy/scrubbed when you are done, but they will still be in good shape. Michelins are expensive because of their compound composition quality (and their brand!)