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Originally Posted by APDspider View Post
Update: the dealer says there is too much pressure on one of our clutches, so we need a whole new transmission. No spare transmissions in the USA and no spares in Germany! On Monday, the dealer will give us an estimate as to how long it will take for us to receive and install one. It could be weeks without our M3. This sucks.
Man, that stinks, but on the bright side you have a diagnosis and a treatment plan. That's huge! I'm surprised and impressed--you must have a competent dealer and service staff looking at the car.

Again, I'm sorry that it's going to take time to fix, but at least you haven't been left with the frustration ("can't reproduce/there is no problem") so many have been left with. I hope they can "find" a transmission soon-- it's Jersey, you never know, one might fall off truck....