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Now, take your V1, and put it where you want it located. Picus has it at a nice location here, out of sight. His photograph shows you exactly what you're going to be doing-sneak your wire along the top (it tucks in) until you reach the side pillar. Give your wire a little bit of slack though, in case you need it.

Edit: I'm including a quote from ersin. Just because I got slightly lazy near the end shouldn't mean you should too!

Originally Posted by ersin View Post
I suggest you pop the cover off of the A-pillar and use cable ties rather than just stuffing the wires in.
Credit goes to E92Vancouver for showing us how to remove the A-pillar. I'm including this section in case you want to do as ersin advised.

Originally Posted by E92Vancouver View Post
The next step is to remove the A-pillar moulding that covers the air bag. Use a small screw driver to remove the screw cover. Use a torx screwdriver to remove the screw and then slide the cover up and out.

But anyways, if you're lazy like me, and can't be bothered, (again, I take no responsibility for anything that happens) what I did was CAREFULLY take the flathead screwdriver, and pry back the pillar trim SLIGHTLY, and push the wire behind the trim with the help of the other flathead.

Do this until you reach the lining, and then run the line behind the lining all the way down to the glove compartment.

Then sneak it around and inside like I did here, and plug it back into your hardwire block.

Turn your car on one more time to see if everything works, and then tuck away everything into a corner. Put the backing of your glove compartment back on, and voila! Out of sight, out of mind. Hope this helps!

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