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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Now you can't ever insult dealer techs again .

To make you feel better, I still remember when I bought my first nice car ('96 Lexus SC400 coupe), when we were about to move. It was 100F+, and one of the garage door springs broke, so had to change it. Didn't want my new baby roasting under the sun, so I figured I could do the job without pulling the car out. Secured my trusty 8' A-frame ladder, inches away from my baby, set the tools I needed on top, and proceeded to do the job. When spring gave up its death grip, momentarily lost my balance, and tools went flying over my brand new car . Funny thing is they took like half an hour to fall. You know how you can see them falling in slow motion. Scratched and chipped the crap out of my car's trunk and rear fender. Wanted to kick myself in the a$$. Unfortunately, that's how we learn our lessons sometimes. Glad yours wasn't as painful . But you were close man; oil shoots out of that hole like crazy from the cam gears, even when just the gasket is twisted. But in that instance, the 9+ liters in there saved your bacon. Take care.
Thanks for your story. I think I lost about a liter and a half, after stuffing a rag in the filler before heading back home.

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