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Originally Posted by Meff View Post
Is this a recent addition? RIV fee + inspection on top of the 6.1% is all you need last time I checked. There are other threads/posts of guys importing without this fee - what did BMW call the letter?

The E9X does not require any modifications though. The DTRL can be programmed to stay on through the iDrive, and the cluster displays both kms and miles so no replacement is required. Other items are standard equip ie: restraints, etc.

The recall letter is another non issue - US dealer will issue one for the car at no charge and can be done whether you buy from a BMW dealer or other

It's a pain yes, but not as bad as you've been led to believe
The letter of permission to import is a recent phenomenon. Cost varies from 300-500. I know the DRL's can be programmed through the iDrive but people have had bs thrown at them from the dealer saying that is not sufficient (I don't see how it would be insufficient if the DRL's are active). I have also heard of people having to swap the cluster anyway despite the fact that is displays both. This is the BS that you can potentially encounter if you don't get the recall letter from BMW USA.

The only hang-up that I can foresee is that the RIV will not accept a recall letter from a "non-canadian" dealership. My cousin imported a bentley and that is exactly what they did to him.

I have imported MANY vehicles (honda, lexus, acura, toyota, nissan). The process is almost seamless. The BMW will be a nightmare if the recall letter from the US doesn't hold up.