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I don't know about Brock getting lucky... There really is not any luck in BJJ. If you get submitted, YOU messed up. There is always an opportunity to shut it down long before it happens.

I really think Shane beat himself. It was clear he did not know what to do if he couldn't ground and pound out a KO or TKO. So he continued with a failed strategy until he gassed himself out. But I don't really blame him for that, that has been his strategy every fight and it has worked. I'm disappointed Greg Jackson did not prepare him in case he could not knock Brock out.

This is the problem with having no BJJ, if you can't get the KO or get the ref to call the fight due to TKO then you are screwed and have to wait for the judges and we all know how bad of an idea that usually is.

Kudos to Brock though for doing what none else could (take a full round of ground and pound) and then come out in the second round and execute takedown+guard pass+sub very nicely. Granted Shane was gassed and demoralized at this point.

As far as a rematch, I don't see anyone beating Brock right now short of a lucky KO punch (which could happen to anyone). This was the time to beat him when he was the most vulnerable (short of his first few fights). He is going to continue to put his weight back on and gain experience. He knows his strength is taking people down and he is going to work to develop a deadly combo of ground and pound and submissions.

Cain doesn't have a chance and he knows it. Brock is too big and he won't be able to out wrestle him. Dana needs to split up the HW division, you are basically screwed if you are in the 225-245 range. Frank Mir knew it so he put on a ton of weight but I think he is still adjusting to it.

On another note, I would love to see Leben get KO'd by Silva again and do his weird took too much drugs spasms again!
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