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sorry a bit of confusion here, so 2 questions:

1. There only only 2 drain plugs total correct? The manual instructions in first post lead it to believe there's 3.

2. in this pic of one of the plugs:

The plug we need is simply the one front and center in the pic right? It looks like we got some oil on the metal parts around the plug?
B/c slightly to the top and left of this above pic, there's another what appears to be a "plug-like cap housed in the side of the black round thing with holes" (it's out of focus in the pic). This is not the plug we need, correct?

The confusion is the above pic's plug appears to be the "plug-like cap house in the round thing with holes" that appears in the location of the back arrow in pic in this post below:

please confirm:
1. there are only 2 plugs to drain.
2. we're simply talking about the one front and center in the pic.

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