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London BMW trends compared to U.S.

I got a chance to visit London this year, and it was interesting how BMW trends were different than what I see at home in the States:

1a. In general, BMWs in London had more variety and cooler [OEM] wheels than in the US.
1b. In particular, I noticed lots of the M6-style wheels, particularly on estates (wagons).

2a. I've never seen so many 6-series outside of Oktoberfest!
2b. M3s were fairly common too.

3. In London, the E90 saloons (sedans) don't have the egg yolk orange corners (and AFAIK, those were pre-LCI models).

On the downside:

* Londoners who heavily modded their BMW exteriors had especially poor taste. I couldn't tell if I was looking at a hideously disfigured BMW, or a Japanese import with BMW grills.

London was wonderful, and checking out the BMWs on the other side of the pond made the trip even more fun.