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Originally Posted by EA51 LAY View Post
Meff, have you still not bought a car yet?
Sadly no - I've had 2 deals fall through and have yet to find a 3rd to make an offer on as I have a pretty narrow criteria for the car I want. Absolutely nothing in Canada, so I'm forced to look stateside.

Originally Posted by EA51 LAY View Post
Want an MCE??
With more of the Editions left across the country than I'm sure BMW Canada would like to see, they are just too overpriced. The $9900 premium can't be justified and even with the current $3k incentive it's still a $7k premium (plus the incentive is on all remaining 2010s so it's still a delta of $9.9k) Even the residuals are 2% lower than the regular models - that shows even BMW Canada does not believe they will hold their value on par with the standard models

For a guy who hates depreciation, the Editions are the poster children for it

Too bad they are so damn sexy....