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Would bet against that happening

Originally Posted by DonM3 View Post
Good article. As long as theres a DSG mode/setting that makes you feel like you've just been kicked in the back when shifting, I'll be happy!
I agree with the poster about the shifting on P500,S6,DSC off, etc. - a bit of intense "magic" here. However, that feel is the relic of a computer and pnuematics doing the exact same job a human does in a MT, just doing it way faster. DSG totally changes the game. If the shift takes a handful of ms there is just no shift shock there to feel. Adding a "kick in the seat" setting for DSG would be entirely backwards and negate all the benefits of the system. It would definitely place more stress on drive components as well. I will miss the SMG feeling as well but just like the progression from MT to SMG, some would say you loose some "involvement", "feeling of being connected", etc. With DSG we will loose the shift shock as well.

I am very intersted in the comment in the other thread about the .4 sec stall/delay between release and reapplication of the gas pedal. Anyone??