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Gladius, I'll be out Saturday... for Porche Ladies Day. I was out a couple of Friday's ago for an afternoon session and may have seen you heading back into town as I was heading out there? Nestled in between a Bentley & some other supercar... Anyhow. The heat was wicked (100 air-temp, who knows what the track temp was). Made me wish I had r-comps - lots of juddering through corners after 5-6 laps every session. Hope this weekend is a bit coooler!

consolidated - I would recommend staying in Denver and driving in. Byers is teeny-tiny and the track is in the middle of farmville. They named this past weekend's LeMons race "BFE" for a a good reason. To be honest, I have no idea where people stay when they visit since I'm local - doesn't mean we can't help you find some safer spots to call home for the weekend though. How long are you here for, what's your track schedule like (vs free time), what kind of non-track stuff do you like to do, food you like to eat, etc? PM me if you want.

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