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Leasing the new M3

So, I've never leased an M car. But, I'd like to get an idea of what a lease is going to look like on the new E92 M3. Generally speaking.

Here is what quotes for the M Cars. I threw in the 335i & 550i for some other perspective.

2007 models | $2500 down | 36 months | 12,000K miles/year
*to keep it consistent as possible, I've added no options to the car/build price.

335i : $41,575 : $547/mo
Z4 M Coupe : $50,874 : $659/mo
Z4 M Roadster : $52,875 : $687/mo
550i : $59,195 : $792/mo
M5 : $83,195 : $1476/mo
M6 Coupe : $99,875 : $1714/mo
M6 Convertible : $105,675 : $1792

Now I understand, stated "residual value" dictates the payment heavily. But these models listed have very little connectivity/consistency to each other (ie. the M5 is only 64% more expensive in price than the Z4 M, but 117% more expensive on monthly payment (and a 64% increase in down payment from $2500 to $4100 only takes off $50 bucks monthly on the M5 to $1405). So, its quite disproportional.

Obviously, the M5/M6 models don't hold value as well as the lower price models.

1. Should we see "relative" residual value holding closer to the Z4 M or the M5?
2. What is the expectation of residual of the M3 versus these other models.
3. E46 M3 owners: what did you experience in lease rates/residuals vs. E39 M5 at the time you bought?

Thanks. Just wanting to know what to expect.