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Originally Posted by chitown08 View Post
whaaaaa?! no way, that is not possible! 100k??

There is no way in hell the M3 is gonna come anywhere close to 100k. M5's don't even cost that much...

I was looking the other day at some estimates of what we can expect for MSRP on the new M3. I used % markups for the M5 and M6 for comparison.

M5 has a 40% markup over the 550
M6 has a 33% markup over the 650

The 335 is $40k and a 33-40% markup from that price puts the starting MSRP of the new M3 between $54-57. Worst case scenario we're talkin low $60's MSRP...
and we highly doubt it's going to be 60s...
I say low 70s fully loaded