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Originally Posted by M2002 View Post
This is what i could find on dsg in wikipedia. I was excited about DSG until i saw disadvantage number 1 below. Could BMW possible allow such a slow responsive throttle?
Someone please explain.

1-Extreme fast up shift and downshift time of 8 milliseconds
2-Practically no power loss whatsoever, because of the short shift time
3-Better fuel economy than the planetary geared automatic transmission and manual transmission
4-When the car is going downhill the clutch disengages, allowing the car to coast

1-Response time from letting off the throttle and then reapplying is lengthy, around 400ms, depending on the situation
2-Can be expensive to manufacture, this discourages many automakers
2nd disadvantage shouldn't matter to most of people on this forum.
we got the dough right? LOL
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