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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
That's the only way to make space for it . The stock shift pattern is only 'glued' (double-sided tape) to the perimeter, due to the light module being underneath. The ZHP cap is also held by double-sided tape, but with the entire surface, so forget about removing it without damaging something. Since you'd use the stock one with the lighting (MUCH better looking too ), it only makes sense to damage the cap itself. Drill it, drive a self-tapping screw thru the hole, and pull out with pliers. It might crack first, but it's easily removable that way too. But again, a dremel job awaits you after that, so you might decide to leave it alone . Good luck.
thx for the quick reply. i made a small lil chip on the bottom of the OEM shifter in the process of ripping it off. enough to bother me so that's why i want to be super cautious with the ZHP shifter.

i looked over the OEM shifter emblem cap and it doesnt seem like there is anything special about it to help the light emitt through it. actually there is a white plastic piece is on the back of the emblem, which i would think block the light from coming though.

can i use the ZHP emblem cap for the lighted ZHP mod?