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Originally Posted by GBX View Post
what's everyones feeling on the fact that this blower needs its oil changed about every 7-8k miles? As a daily driver, it just seems like a pain in the ass to me. Granted it only takes 15 minutes (from what i've read), but i'd much rather the blower share its oil with the motor and change that. If it was a weekend car, i wouldn't car so much but as a daily driver, idk. Thoughts?
There are several reasons behind the design. First it simplifies the installation process. You do not need to run additional oil lines and tap into the cars motor oil. Also by not sharing the oil with the motor it helps to keep oil temps down during operation. It's a simple process to change the oil in the blower; it only takes about 5 min. Most have it done when the car gets its motor oil changed.