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Thanks everyone! Truly was an amazing trip, we probably took over 1000 pictures. My GF now wants to hopefully do one someday for an X5. Amazing how many people do this for all types of BMWs.

Couple things I forgot to mention. You only have about 30 minutes with the car on the platform, kinda short if you ask me, I felt kind of rushed. However, eventually I finally got some time alone with the car to just sit there in amazement.

Few random things...The new rear lights just look amazing when it gets darker out, I was able to get the manual to fit in the glove box, back is very roomy, everyone was very comfortable the whole ride, the 220 wheels stayed very very clean. Must be the polished aluminum, after 300 miles they barely had any dust on them at all! The ZCP wheels on the other hand seemed to hold the dirt more on other M3's I saw.

Saw this in the parking deck outside Kings Hotel
Love the seats

Originally Posted by jaehshim View Post
wow, GREAT writeup!
hope i can take a look when it gets back to Difeo... lol, especially the speed cloth which looks very good on MR.
i can't wait to put mine on order...

one question, How doe the tech pack/navi work in Europe? does the navigation cover all european roads? when it gets back to the states, it would just work for the states ?
(I guess they just change the DVD?)
Nav works PERFECT. All of Europe is loaded on the Nav and seriously I would have been so lost out of my mind without it. Nav is 110% spot on with all roads in Europe. Everyone was blown away and now wants a BMW with this iDrive. So thankful I waited for the updated version.
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