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Your right

Originally Posted by westwest888 View Post
Eh dude the way I figure it you have at least two years to make this decision. Figure the car comes out in Europe late 2007. Then in the United States early 2008 (this time next year). Then the car is completely sold out for a year. Then you can place an order for $1000 off MSRP or something ridiculous. Earliest anyone is getting a car below MSRP is Fall 2009.

I think you're right here. I put in a pre-order (and $1K) for the 2008 M3 late last year and my sales person (a German guy with over 20 years experience - hands on) told me I would probably take delivery in 2009. This was also stated on my receipt. We also went over the "expected" costs (using various previous and new BMW models as benchmarks) and it ran up to near $100K after taxes, and a few extras. The timing and cost are probably easier to guesstimate than some of the specs and design of the production model. For this reason I decided on a slightly used M3 and am loving it as I wait for the dust to settle on the 2008. It will be a long and exciting wait but well worth it. And this gives more time to save some $ as well.