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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
A bullet is cheap. Even a prison where you don't feed the prisoners is going to cost much more. Not only that, but the longer you keep them in the prison, the more likely the libtards are going to find a reason to let them go.

I wish we could use the same philosophy (bullets are cheaper than prison) with all these gang-infested areas like Detroit or Englewood, IL (or the entire south side for that matter). But that's a topic for a different debate....

Why give the taliban a place to live and food to eat? Kill 'em all, leave their mangled bodies out to rot.

As for the gang solution well, it would be loads cheaper than prison. On average a 9mm bullet costs about 25 cents, and in 2007 there were an estimated 800000 active gang members in the US. Can anyone else think of a better $200000 solution to eradicating all the gang members in America?