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noxredna: thanks for posting the pix and your rationale for the spring choice. I spent a lot of time and research on what rates to choose (KW will make to order, or if not, they'll sell you the parts and you can assemble it yourself) and in the end I decided to stick to what KW chose. They'd done testing I could never do, so I just went with it and it's working well for me.

Your comments on daily driving your DA coilover setup were interesting. I don't dd my M; my car gets mostly highway time or track time, with a small bit of city driving. I put my KW's on in May, but for a variety of reasons I'd only ever driven it on stock 19's or on R-comps until yesterday. You could tell that the springs were stiffer, but from an NVH standpoint the car was very close to stock. Last weekend, I finally got around to putting on my set of stock 18" PS2's, then yesterday I took the car out to run around town and do a bunch of errands. What a difference! It rides like a limousine on the 18" PS2's. It's firm, but not even a little bit choppy or harsh. As a dd, it would be more than fine. I won't say it's better than stock, but it's certainly no worse.