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Originally Posted by paintpro21 View Post
The the 18x9.5" et35 LTW-5 wheel does not meet JWL requirements. It's load rating is 1400lbs (under the minimum 1532lbs required). This was done to save weight. Some vendors even disclose that the wheel is "not recommended for street use". They have not been tested to the JWL standard and were not tested by the VIA in Japan.

The the same sized ARC-8 wheel on the other hand exceeds JWL requirements, and was tested in Japan by the VIA and the registration numbers are online, on their database as proof.

Race teams like Raven performance specifically did not want to purchase LTW-5 wheels due to concerns from other owners. They picked up 9 sets of the ARC-8 wheels. They had numerous offs their first race on the ARC-8 wheels, and have had no issues to date. Not to mention the other 1500+ wheels that are floating out there, and I have yet to hear of a single wheel issue during use besides curb rash.

We've turned down every single vendor interested in distributing the wheels with the exception of a few that we already had close ties with previously. Vendors like Bimmerworld wanted to be stocking distributors, but we wanted to keep control of the product and run groupbuys, so we declined. This limits the number of dealers selling the product and lending their credibility to the wheel, but so far the ARC-8 has created it's own good name from the ground up, and the brand will continue to do so as time goes on.
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