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I played EQ1 from day 1 and then for I think 3-4 years. That game was awesome, but it became more like a job than a hobby.

I was the only DE that I know of that got the Aegis of Life, man did that take some camping. Can't remember the name of the zone, but it had the Aviak tower in it. I once played 15 hours straight to get to lev 46 (I think) so I could raid PoH to get my Purple gear for my Cleric.

Lower Guk camps just rocked. Epic trains and corpse retrieval runs!

I played EQ2 from day 1 too. Was a co-leader of a moderately good guild that just started to do some of the better raids, then drama struck and that kinda fell apart. I then moved exclusively to PVP and had a blast at first, but then they really f'd up PVP mechanics and I just gave up.

No active sub's at all right now. If EQ3 comes out I am NOT going to play, it's too addictive.