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I still think it was the best/most invigorating/ most intense game I've ever played. You just couldn't get away from it. It was so much harder than WoW, and I think that added to the appeal. There were no caps for #'s in raids, there was no auction house (for almost the whole time I played at least), there were no in game maps, no was no quest log (everything had to be looked up outside the game or by word of mouth), every good dungeon required a decently complicated key to get in and most classes couldn't solo to level, you had to be in a group. It was just awesome. I was in a top tier guild and we were usually the first to take down everything and I got some insane gear that way, but eventually there were just too many expansions and it was just taking up too much of my life. I still wish sometimes I could go back to the day and play it like it used to be, with all the old players and such. It was just so much more "epic" than WoW, and more addicting in my opinion. I played WoW on and off for a couple years, and never really got addicted because it was never really like EQ. I don't think there will ever be a game like it again, because everything is aimed towards user-friendly, easy to follow/level games that can appeal to kids because of their learning curves. EQ had such a steep learning curve it was almost ridiculous. Oh yeah, it was awesome that you could "twink" low levels with insane gear.