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Originally Posted by bonwit904 View Post
By and large that is not the consensus I have read in any market....iPhone is largely regarded as the high water mark of mobile devices at the current time.

The reason BMW is working with Apple, and not Google/Android is totally understandable - Android is Dependant upon the hardware, skin - and open to much interpretation, possibly being harder to integrate. Furthermore, even Android owners have iPods for the most part...who wants to plug in two devices?

And this has nothing to do with the fact that most Android devices tend to look like a childs first toy....versus the iPhone's avante garde design.

Customers in the US get a pass for getting android because AT&T sucks so badly, and the android devices are the next best thing you can get if you want a carrier that actually works (Verizon)
Buhahahaa, sounds like written from Apple's worker. There is pretty much nothing better in iPhone 4 when comparing to HTC's flagship models. And it is not my fault US customers have to be phones with contracts to specific operator. Android is and will be better platform than Apple's OS.