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Originally Posted by Crisp View Post
I had the updated iDrive on my 2009 335i and also in my 2010 535i now.
At first, everything was exactly the same up to a month or so ago.

Then last month I noticed a few SMALL changes on my iDrive.
It seems as if my iDrive downloaded an update or something over the air.
A few features and names moved around such as the options screen on the map and the wording for some options.

I also somehow got a FREE subscription to BMW Assist so I can do google searches, etc. I think the "News" tab in BMW Assist is also new. I don't remember ever seeing this in my 535i when I first got it. It actually gives you news from different categories (local, global, sports, BMW News, etc) and even reads it back to you.

Since this is going to be a software based update, I'm guessing they can do it over the air just like my navi got "updated" over the air.

BTW. Anyone else notice these changes on their navi??

If anyone wants, I can post up a video with what my navi looks like and with what I think are the "changes".
wonder if the google search thing is in canada too?
I can help with Coding in Vancouver. PM me