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Originally Posted by RevFreak14 View Post
Agreed. AT&T sucks more & more everyday. Now I heard something that they are going to limit the data use on the Iphones or eliminate the unlimited data plans?? Anyone heard anything about this.
It's done to save people money

95% of people don't go over 1GB

Which is why instead of $30 a month for unlimited, it's 25 for 2GB, more than enough for most people.
And then for people (like my mom) who don't use much data at all, there's a much cheaper $15 a month plan for 200MB.
so they did it to help cut costs for people
Those that already have unlimited are grandfathered into it (meaning they can keep their unlimited data plan for $30)

Conclusion: they did people a favor by offering cheaper data plans

Originally Posted by Wake27 View Post
iPhone 4, how holding it in certain ways will drop a call. That's retarded. I think Apple needs to talk to Sprint. They could probably get a better deal with them because Sprint could use it to catch up to Verizon.
I don't disagree with them talking to Sprint, as I do like their plans (cheap) and they are developing 4G
But holding it in certain ways doesn't drop calls for all. only a certain percentage (Which is still unacceptable). but with the software update coming in a few days/weeks, it'll fix that problem.
I have fortunately never experienced it, and have already spent countless hours on mine TRYING to make it drop calls..

Don't we on the 09 already have this a little bit?
I can't view the album art, but when my iPhone or my Touch are connected, I can view playlists, genre, artists....
it's not as pretty, I'll tell you that though.

It's going to be a software update for 09+ iDrives I assume
As I recently got a software update and I noticed slight changes (especially when displaying song names)

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