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Originally Posted by noxredna View Post
Considered clubsports as well but I could run a larger range of custom spring rates on the TC Kline D/As..
I'm not sure I understand this statement - could you explain please? The KW's use 60mm race springs and I believe the TCK system uses 64mm (2.5") racing springs. While some spring manufacturers have a wider range of rates and lengths in one size or the other, across the race spring marketplace (Eibach, H&R, VVS, Swift, KW and so on) you can pretty much get the same rates and lengths in either size. That sounds like pretty much the same range of choices. Am I missing something?

I have my KW Clubsport suspension set up 10mm lower than stock with the factory camber, caster and toe settings exactly. For track days I drop the front camber down to -2.1 degrees, which gives me a bit of toe-out. According to the dealer's laser alignment system, the KW camber plates deliver very repeatable toe-in and camber adjustments as you switch back and forth.