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Originally Posted by noxredna View Post
Awesome stuff.. can't wait to get it out this weekend.!!

Considered clubsports as well but I could run a larger range of custom spring rates on the TC Kline D/As..

How is it on the road? Do u just re-align camber and pop it back up to -1.0?? Is the 500/800 rate livable on the street?
I am very happy with my current setup as a street/track car. I keep my shocks 1 click off full soft on the street and with the 500/800lb springs the car is very compliant.

I havent had a dual alignment setup since I ran TCK on my E46. The shifting of the plates does work, but you will never get it to be perfect once you move the plates. I have since been just keeping it at one alignment setting. I love the responsiveness of a more aggressive alignment and my tires dont last very long anyways.

If you are interested in a dual alignment you will most likely need to run 2.5 on the street as a min camber in order to have the ability to get to 3.5-4.0 on the track. (depending on your ride height). I used to run 2.5 on the street with 0 toe and move it to 3.5-4.0 for track which would give me a slight bit of toe out. The turn in with a little toe out will be nuts.