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Originally Posted by e90TiAg335i View Post
I will definetly get pics up soon. Just waiting on camera battery to recharge. I sandwiched the speaker between the 2 mounting plates and placed weatherstrip on the front plate to seal to the door. I think I've already got a solution. I've taken the two rings off and the speaker JUST does fit into the door opening. With the speaker sitting in the plate with the weatherstripping and placed into the opening, it fits pretty tight without any rattling. I'll get the pics up later tonight.
I guess what I'm eluding to others is this. Don't assume everything will fit just because no one seems to have any issues fitting a particular speaker into the door panels. Always expect the worst and hope for the best.
As you can see in my photo above, you cannot use any ring/spacer between the door panel opening and this speaker in the E90. The speaker "face" has to be flush with the opening surface.